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Cabernet Franc


Our passion


Andy is to be given credit with much of our success. He had the great fortune to locate two prime Cabernet Franc vineyards for us for our first vintage. Considering he pulled off this feat in a mere four weeks it is all that more remarkable.

Cabernet Franc is extremely dependent on site selection. There are few vineyards suited to growing this grape to its fullest potential to be bottled as a 100 percent pure bottling of Cabernet Franc.

Our desire is to produce Cabernet Franc that displays its style from the start with a deep red almost black color core, heady perform floral notes, and rich raspberry and black currant flavors. While its color may be dark, the wine exhibits a style some may call feminine and seductive. The wine displays silky tannins supported by oak notes rather than overwhelmed by them which would require years to resolve.

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